cake samples

As taste is just as important as looks I always use the best ingredients I can get my hands on. To cater for every ones tastes, I offer a number of different flavoured sponges and for the less traditional of you, my unique flavoured fruit cakes.

Vanilla sponge

Infused with vanilla syrup, layered with raspberry preserve and vanilla bean butter-cream.

Lemon sponge

Infused with lemon syrup, layered with luxury lemon curd (optional) and lemon buttercream.

Rich chocolate sponge

Layered with Belgian chocolate ganache.

Traditional fruit cake

Rich fruit cake matured with brandy.

Orange and Ginger

A rich fruit cake with the addition of crystallized ginger, fine orange zest and fruit soaked in Cointreau and Ginger wine.

Cherry and Pecan

This is similar to a traditional fruit cake but with an extra helping of cherries and the addition of pecan nuts.

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