Anna Loves her KitchenAid

AnnaLoves would be lost without my Kitchen Aid. It looks super fancy sitting in my kitchen and is a girls best friend when making cakes. While I only really use the whisk and paddle beater it’s a relief to know that I could buy attachments for it if I was suddenly overwhelmed with the urge to make my own sausages! Meat cupcakes anyone? Cream KitchenAid I know that they’re expensive compared to other mixers on the market and I was very lucky to be gifted mine on my 21st birthday but really, when you think of the investment they’re totally worth it. Not just because they’re so sturdy with every attachment available, but they’re so pretty! I really love how many colours they come in. Mine is cream but I secretly covet the duck egg blue one. With Christmas only a few days away it might be worth a last minute purchase for a loved one – or even just as a gift for yourself!

Duck egg blue KitchenAid

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